A new paradigm in risk management


Strategic planning for the future

Inclin is an organisation that deals with business risk and its control. We identify risk and advise on subjects such as working conditions, processes, environment and its legislation. We provide a complete picture of a company’s risk exposure, how well its managed and how it can be controlled.

Inclin is involved inbusinesses at all stages from start-up and throughout its life and all challenges thrown its way.

Our focus is on Compliance, Risk management, Performance and Training.

Our Services


  • Permits
  • Legislation
  • Due diligence
  • Strategic environmental assessments

Risk management

  • Risk assessments
  • Chemicals
  • Environmental impact


  • Cost reductions

  • Management systems

  • Decision-making

  • Life Cycle Assessments


  • Sustainability and safety
  • Chemicals
  • NL and EU Legislation
  • Duty of care

Are you interested in reducing your risk?

Our Advantages

Trusted partner to both officials and businesses

Open and transparent

High success rate

External specialist provides extra credibility

Inclin complies with standards

ESG-criteria in mind

Inclin is gespecialiseerd in het organiseren van sustainability, social responsibility en governance-doelstellingen en oprichting van activiteiten in de maakindustrie en adviseert over wetgeving.